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We must keep our eyes on the outcomes prize

Bell D, Hicks N.
Health Services Journal 2016. 5 February.

Outcome-based commissioning: has its time come?

Tim Ballard, Nicholas Hicks, and David Paynton
Br J Gen Pract 2016 Mar; 66 (644): 158-9.

English developments in value-based care: the beginnings of a revolution?

Hicks N, Bell D
Health Affairs blog. 16 March 2106

Delivering an Outcomes-based NHS: Creating the Right Conditions

Hicks N.
Office for Health Economics Seminar Briefing 20:  February 2017

What organisation is necessary for commissioners to develop outcomes based contracts?

Corrigan P and Hicks N.
The COBIC case study. NHS Right Care 2011.

“This case study is a specific example of how commissioners can catalyse the creation of integrated care by creating the context in which providers respond by integrating care. It involves commissioners introducing incentives into the market in new and innovative ways and using contractual forms that are new to the NHS. In all cases COBIC contracting replaces a variety of fragmented individually negotiated contracts with a single integrated tender. This forces providers to respond differently, existing suppliers have either to radically change the way in which they work with each other or forgo applying for the contract. In practice, some existing providers can see this as a problem; others see this as an opportunity to unleash provider creativity”

Linking quality and outcome measures to payment for mental health: technical guidance

(includes the Oxfordshire mental health case study developed by Oxfordshire CCG with COBIC).
NHS England and NHS Improvement, 8th November 2016