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OptiMedis-COBIC UK founds joint healthcare network with general practitioners group

Easier access to medical care, shorter waiting times and an improved patient experience – to ensure this becomes a reality in the British county of Hampshire, three large general medical practices and OptiMedis-COBIC UK (OM-C) have joined together to form the Sovereign Group.

Currently, the rural region on the United Kingdom’s southern coast has 21 GPs responsible for the care of nearly 39,000 people. To manage this task in the long run and in accordance with the “Quadruple Aim” (see image), there are plans to bring a regional healthcare network based on the Gesundes Kinzigtal model to the area. Following completion of a feasibility study at the end of May 2019, the partners laid the foundations for the project and signed an agreement for a regional healthcare network. OM-C will oversee the development of the healthcare network and, in particular, will be responsible for the planning and implementation of data analytics and IT networking.

Image: “Quadruple Aim”: Better healthcare results, greater efficiency, positive health care experiences for patients and service providers
Dr Nicholas Hicks, Director OM-C: “This is an exciting opportunity. Since we visited colleagues in Kinzigtal two years ago, we have worked with local partners to set the foundations for this network. We will be able to take more holistic care of our patients, identify risks earlier and refer patients to local, non-clinical services through social prescribing.” OptiMedis, OM-C and the association of GPs are now working on the implementation of the community-based integrated OptiMedis model of care in the NHS (National Health Service). Find out more about OM-C in this video production, that was created as part of a webinar for the NHS.