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Working together as Primary Care Home

Doctors and specialists in East Grinstead are considering new ways of working together to improve the health and care of the local population. In particular, four practices they are considering working together as a  Primary Care Home. 

On 30th October, OptiMedis-COBIC UK  ran a workshop with a wide range of local people including people from the Charity Age Concern, the County Council Social Services, GPs, Care Coordinators, a hospital based Geratologist, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and others. They considered a case-study of ‘Joyce’ a frail, elderly woman and considered ways in which older people could be supported to maintain their independence and, if they get sick recover their independence.  There were a wide range of suggested actions (see list in attached document). Developing, costing and implementing many of these ideas requires the work of a local ‘integrator’.  A funder, Social Finance, is considering models of the impact of potential new ways of working with a view to making an investment decision in the East Grinstead Primary Care Home.