Integrated Care: Better Health, Better Care, Better Value

The idea of Integrated Care is simple: everyone involved in someone’s care should know what everyone else is doing, everyone should be working to the same end, to the same plan, all agreed with the person receiving that care.

Firstly, we combine public health and preventive approaches with classical medical healthcare, placing particular importance on primary care which we regard as central to high quality health services and the foundation on which accountable care is best built. Secondly, we work with and bring together all major players in an area. We support, and where necessary develop, healthcare networks in which doctors, therapists and hospitals, as well as pharmacies, gyms, clubs, schools, businesses and local authorities, are involved. Our project Gesundes (“Healthy”) Kinzigtal GmbH is a good example of how we work and is widely recognised to be one of the leading managed care-systems in Europe (read more).

And, of particular importance to us: everything we do is evaluated.

Evaluation by independent university research institutes as well as our own health services research means that the success of our work is assessed and can be shared. We also build in processes that ensure continuous improvement. Gesundes Kinzigtal, well-known throughout Germany and internationally, shows that our idea works (read more). We have also demonstrated that the success achieved in Kinzigtal can, properly implemented, be replicated elsewhere.

What makes our regional IC Model unique:

We have examples of where we have worked with committed medical networks, therapists and hospitals in numerous German regions and in the Netherlands (read more)

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