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Better, More Efficient Healthcare

Our goal: to work with local communities and services, to improve health and quality of life, to improve people’s experiences of care, to reduce per capita costs, and to improve working lives for staff.

Our mission is based on the Triple Aim principles of Donald M. Berwick, with the following goals:

  • Better health
    By fostering health promotion and prevention, implementing individual, high-quality care services, and empowering the public we can redesign care and realise many of the ambitions of the Five Year Forward View, for example reducing the damaging divide that currently exists between general practitioners, specialists and hospitals. In Kinzigtal, the life expectation of people enrolled in OptiMedis managed programmes increased 1.4 years more than an age and gender matched controls not enrolled in the programme.
  • Better care (experience)
    People experience the healthcare programmes we proved not just as high quality service, but also as a coordinated, complementary offer which creates a sense of security. Many find they are motivated to take greater responsibility for health, further increasing their documented levels of satisfaction.
  • Lower costs
    The basic assumption of our integrated care business model is that better health and care lead to lower costs. Current health care services and investments in new services are evaluated and performed efficiently. This has been born out in practice.

We have added in a fourth dimension to the triple aim, which is based on improving the work life of health care providers.

These health benefits are proven.

This is why our Integrated Care Model Gesundes Kinzigtal, known throughout Germany and internationally, has been and continues to be independently evaluated. At the same time we’re continuously analysing data from participating health insurance organisations and medical practitioners. In this way we can show how life expectations of people change, the impact of healthcare programs, how costs develop and so on (read more).

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